Burlap Jewelry Holder

It only takes a couple of steps to make this necklace holder. Attach the small spools to the bottom front of the burlap canvas with #10 by 1 1/2″ picture frame screws. These screws are threaded on both ends.

burlap jewelry holder step 1

Screw four spools along the bottom front.

burlap jewelry holder step 2

Cut a heart out of burlap and begin gluing buttons. Buttons can also be directly glued to the canvas.

burlap and button jewelry holder step 3

Continue until you have made a heart. A monogram would also be cool!

burlap and button jewelry holder step step 4

Glue the heart to the canvas.

burlap necklace holder step 5

Glue buttons to the front of each spool if you like.

burlap and button necklace holder

Hang on your wall and enjoy!

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