Fabric Flower Hair Clip or Brooch Tutorial

Be forewarned, making fabric flowers is pretty addicting. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. There are so many pretty fabrics out there that the possibilities are endless. And they can be used in so many ways. I’ve even framed them and hung them on my wall.

fabric flower-hair clip-tutorial

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Step 1- Cut three circles out of fabric. You can use any type of fabric you like. For this demo, I used cotton. You can cut them any size you want. To make a flower about 3″ across, I cut my circles 4″.
Step 2: Cut each circle in half.

Step 3: Fold each half circle in half, right sides together. Iron along the fold.
Step 4: Sew down the straight side of the triangle, about 1/4″ from the edge. Make sure you back-stitch both ends. I like to line mine up and do them all in a row, then cut the thread when I am finished.

Step 5: Turn each triangle right side out. I use the tip of a mechanical pencil to push the tip out so it comes to a point.
Step 6: Take a long piece of thread and tie a thick knot on one end. Do a running stitch along the bottom edge of one of the triangles.
It will look like this when you are finished:
Step 7: Without tying off your piece of thread, do a running stitch in the next triangle. This will connect the two petals.
Step 8: Continue stitching along the bottom edge of each of the six petals, till they are all connected.
Step 9: Take your needle and go through the first petal, then pull the thread tight.
Keep pulling the thread till all the petals are gathered together. Be careful not to break the thread! When you have it the way you like it, make a couple small stitches to secure the thread, then tie a knot in it.

Step 10: Cut a small circle out of white felt and hot glue it to the back of the flower.
Step 11: Embellish the center of your flower. You can use a button, a rosette, or even a piece of felt. I like to use fabric covered buttons. You can find them at Walmart.  Place a large dab of hot glue in the middle of the flower.
Then press your button on. Hold it for a few seconds till the glue hardens.

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